Tuesday, 20 November 2007

O Dolores!!

We were in Gent, and so was ex-Cranberry Dolores O'Riordan. She/the band did a gig in the Handelsbeurs (or Ha').
It was a very nice evening. She played some songs from her new album "Are you listening?", but also lots of older stuff, much to the joy of the Cranberries fans!
In the beginning Dolores seemed nervous, her voice was not loud enough, her solo in Zombie insecure, unprecise (termbling fingers). But she regained herself! I was amazed by a song called "Black Widow". So cool!! It's on her new album, so check it out now (funk soul brotherz)!

Minor point of the venue: annoying personnel, in the crowd, with flashlights, trying to stop people from making pictures, which is obviously impossible. ome near fights, lots of shouting and arguing (!!), which distracted a lot. Think twice before you go to the Handelsbeurs, although the venue is very cool itself...

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