Sunday, 16 March 2008

Vive la Fête and the Mars Volta

Haven't been here for a while.... time for an update!
Vive la Fête - Februari 9 2008, Bibelot, Dordrecht
Nothing much to say about this gig - nice, but at a certain point it started to get boring. The same kind of tunes over and over again. Lyrics at times very childish...

The Mars Volta / March 6, 2008, 013, Tilburg

One of the coolest shows I´ve ever been to. Three hours full of cool riffs, great songs, powerfull drums, improvisations... it was all there and more! Check out their latest album `Bedlam in Goliath` or any other album by TMV you can lay your hands on.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

O Dolores!!

We were in Gent, and so was ex-Cranberry Dolores O'Riordan. She/the band did a gig in the Handelsbeurs (or Ha').
It was a very nice evening. She played some songs from her new album "Are you listening?", but also lots of older stuff, much to the joy of the Cranberries fans!
In the beginning Dolores seemed nervous, her voice was not loud enough, her solo in Zombie insecure, unprecise (termbling fingers). But she regained herself! I was amazed by a song called "Black Widow". So cool!! It's on her new album, so check it out now (funk soul brotherz)!

Minor point of the venue: annoying personnel, in the crowd, with flashlights, trying to stop people from making pictures, which is obviously impossible. ome near fights, lots of shouting and arguing (!!), which distracted a lot. Think twice before you go to the Handelsbeurs, although the venue is very cool itself...

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Appelpop 2007 in Tiel

On the edge of our holidays, we went to Appelpop yesterday - to listen and look at a couple of gigs: Moke (great band!!!), Van Velzen (sounds like Keane, nice), Charlie Dee and After Forever (in Dutch: VET!!!). After Forever has really become a great band, although it's a goth-rock pastiche at the same time. Had a great time nevertheless. Pity we had to leave early (did not have plenty of time as our holidays will commence soon), better luck next year! Hope you like the pics and vids....

Charlie Dee Live @ Appelpop

Appelpop 2007

After Forever Live @ Applepop

Ciao for now, for a while actually... see

Monday, 3 September 2007

Appelpop - - - Bthereorbsquare
Don't forget don't forget

Wereld Jazz Dagen in Dordrecht

Last weekend, the "Wereld Jazz Dagen" (World Jazz Days) were organized in Dordrecht. Unfortunately, we did not have a lot of time, but we went to see Yur Honing's Wired Paradise. The guy is an arrogant prick, but the music is great. Check them out if you can, and forget his bla bla bla ...

Next year there will be another issue of this small festival near the Big Church. Keep an eye at it (, or check for other interesting jazzy style stuff.
And here's some moving pictures...

Monday, 13 August 2007

Fit For Free FFWD Dance Parade in Rotterdam

Last Saturday, the Fit for Free FFWD Dance Parade passed through Rotterdam. 40 trucks, some verry nice, others "just fine"... The theme of this year was "the Catwalk", which was not so obvious. Hope you like the pics...
Great performances of Ferry Corsten and Lucien Foort!